Tuesday, 2 June 2015

VIDEO GAME NEWS: Warner BrothersInteractive and Lego Announce Extra Features with Lego Dimensions

Hail Mighty Readers and Followers of the Calloused Thumbs,
Our friends at Lego and Warner Brothers Interactive have let us know two pretty cool things.  Firstly they've confirmed the following as part of the Lego Dimensions Universe:

The Simpsons™,
Doctor Who,
Jurassic World™,
Midway Arcade,
LEGO® Chima ™,
Scooby Doo! ™

DC Comics,
The Lord of the Rings™,
The LEGO® Movie™,
The Wizard of Oz™,
LEGO® Ninjago™,
Back to the Future

And secondly, but for us the most important news, that each lego vehichle and gadget can be built and rebuilt and then re-rebuilt (3 in one uses).  (Whcih for us was a real part of the charm of lego in the first place.

Here's what they had to say:
"It was also revealed in a new trailer that every LEGO vehicle and gadget can be physically built and then rebuilt twice for a total of three different objects that do entirely different things in the digital game for massive variety. Once players earn a building achievement, they will get in-game instructions that show them how to use the same physical LEGO bricks to rebuild vehicles and gadgets into different objects that provide all-new abilities.

For example, the LEGO vehicle bricks that come in the Starter Pack can be used to build the LEGO Batmobile that enables players to activate accelerator switches. The Batmobile can be rebuilt and transformed into the LEGO Batblaster which adds Sonar Smash, a sonar gun that has the ability to break LEGO sonar bricks.  The vehicle can then be rebuilt again as the LEGO Sonic Batray which adds a special attack in the form of a missile barrage.  Players can fuse an upgraded vehicle to the LEGO Toy Tag, enabling them to take it and any new abilities with them to a friend’s game or wherever they’d like to play. Players can do this with every vehicle and every gadget from every pack."

Here's the trailer for you: 

We can't wait to start playing and to be honest I know that Christmas Day will be quite busy in my parents house when my nephews and niece land.  Especially when my Dad borrows Lego Dimensions, although to be honest, I don't know if the kids will be allowed to play as "They won't appreciate it on as many levels as I do."  (Both from my Brother and my Dad.).


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