Friday, 18 February 2011

CRIME REVIEW: The Cutting - James Hayman

Release Date: 06/01/11


Someone is stealing the hearts of beautiful women ...Portland, Maine. A missing high-school athlete's mutilated body is found in a scrap metal yard. Her heart has been surgically removed. The same day a young businesswoman is abducted ...Former NYPD detective Michael McCabe believes both crimes are the work of one man. A killer with surgical expertise who is targeting young women. Now McCabe and his team face a race against time to rescue the missing woman and unmask this sadistic killer - before it is too late. The Cutting is one of the scariest debuts of the year. And the first in a great new series.


So you want a new crime novel? One that brings new talent to the genre as well as giving the reader a chill that will last a good while with realistic Police procedure, some villainous twists and backed up with a twisted writerly sense of humour? Well that is what you’ll get along with a good sense of pace, a hero that you can settle back and spend time with and when backed with the final touches of decent scripting which overall leaves a satisfied reader. Whilst as a new author there are mistakes the overall effect of the tale demonstrates an author who has not only potential but one that will be able to build on a good foundation set by the is original release.

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