Thursday, 24 February 2011

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Helion Rain - George Mann

Release Date: 03/02/11


The world of Idos is on the verge of destruction, wracked by catastrophic storms and plagued by ravening tyranids. Into this maelstrom come the Raven Guard 4th Company, the warzone perfectly suited to their lightning-strike methods of combat. Led by Veteran Sergeant Grayvus, their mission is simple - to rescue the planet's last survivors. But in the midst of this nightmare, they receive new orders to locate and destroy a power station. The station is built upon a fault line, and the resulting quake would swallow thousands of tyranids and turn the war in the Imperium's favour. Grayvus and his company must fight their way through genestealers, acid spore mines and a deadly biomorph if they are to succeed and reclaim Idos for the Imperium.


I love audio books, they give you the chance to multitask as you enjoy a good story and yet be able to continue doing things without worrying about missing things like trains stops or travelling to your destination. What you get with a Black Library audio book is a story that is not only well told but one that will occupy many a car journey for the younger listener with some serious vocal talent bringing the story to life.

Add to this great scripting, some wonderful acting and some good solid sound effects and it’s a product that will more than hold up. Great stuff.

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