Tuesday, 15 February 2011

THRILLER REVIEW: The Redemption - William Peter Blatty

Release Date: 03/02/11


THE REDEMPTION opens in the world's most oppressive and isolated totalitarian state: Albania in the 1970s. A prisoner suspected of being an enemy agent is held by state security. An unsettling presence, he maintains an eerie silence though subjected to unimaginable torture. He escapes - and on the way to freedom, completes a mysterious mission. The prisoner is Dimiter, the American 'agent from hell'. The scene shifts to Jerusalem, focusing on Hadassah Hospital and a cast of unusual characters. All become enmeshed in a series of baffling, inexplicable deaths, until events explode in a surprising climax. Told with unrelenting pace, THE REDEMPTION's compelling, page-turning narrative is haunted by the search for faith and the truths of the human condition.


Whilst I love books, I hate it when the book has a different title to the one to which it was originally published, this can confuse readers and if can confuse gift buyers as it wouldn’t appear on their list. Here, rereleased by Piatkus, is the book that was originally released by Tor entitled Dimiter, so if you’ve already read that please stop here. If not, it may surprise you to find out that the author of perhaps one of the most chilling horrors of all time has delved into the spy thriller genre.

As usual with Blatty, the characters are strong and believable, the prose striking as well as psychological and with an overall arc that blends mystery and magic with author slight of hand leaves this in no doubt as a thriller to haunt the reader. Add to the mix realistic human traits, some great dialogue and the ability to mystify as well as thrill and you know that it’s going to be a book that’s hard to put down. Great stuff.

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