Sunday, 6 February 2011

FANTASY REVIEW: Warhammer Heroes: The Sword of Vengeance - Chris Wraight

Release Date: 03/02/11


Averland burns. An army of cultists rises in the corrupted city of Averheim. The Theogonist Volkmar marches towards the city in a race to snuff out the rebellion before it grows too widespread to defeat. Schwarzhelm races to return to the site of his recent battles, as does the spy Pieter Verstohlen, evading assassins while trying to discover the truth of the conspiracy that drew him away. But none of these holds the key. Out in the wilderness is Kurt Helborg, Grand Marshal of the Reiksguard. Only he has the indomitable strength of will to hold together the province in its hour of need. Only he can rally the terrified citizens of Averland to resist the infernal powers that beset them


The second title in the Kurt Helborg series and just as complex as the original which demonstrates that the Black Library not only does great combat and bloody battlefields but also delves into the psychological long game that the Chaotic Powers are want to play in. Its definitely a great read and one that we had a lot of reading pleasure trying to figure out what was going to happen as the characters are played off against each other.

Overall a magic offering and one that we loved to the last page. Now all we need is the third part and we’ll be ready to roll. Chris really is setting the standard for the psychological games in the Fantasy world and one that really means he’ll have to be watched.

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