Wednesday, 9 February 2011

FANTASY REVIEW: Warhammer Fantasy: Thunder and Steel - Dan Abnett

Release Date: 03/02/11


Across the Old World, the powers of Chaos seek to bring corruption and death, poisoning the minds of men and filling them with hatred and fury. Only the bravest dare stand against them - two Empire soldiers, marching into the cold wastes of Kislev to face the barbaric Northern hordes, where one will lose his soul to the Ruinous Powers. The high elf Gilead Lothain, who seeks to strike at the servants of the Dark Gods in a quest for vengeance that can never end. The ranks of the noble White Wolves, who stand to defend the majestic city of Middenheim until the last man, never backing down in the face of their enemies. Thunder and Steel is an epic collection of Dan Abnett's Warhammer fantasy, including the novels Riders of the Dead, Gilead's Blood and Hammers of Ulric, plus short stories and the full graphic novel of The Warhammer.


Omnibus’ are all the rage and what could be finer from the Black Library than to bring together the finest Warhammer Fantasy standalone titles from Dan Abnett, writer and expert extraordinaire.

Within this title you get, Gilead’s Blood, Hammers of Ulric, Riders of the Dead, Swords of the Empire, Shyi-zar alongside Dan’s graphic novel story, The Warhammer. It’s a seriously big title, backed up with typical Abnett prose alongside bloody, gruelling battles tied up with misery, hardship and victory which makes this a real treat for fans of the Warhammer world. My only complaint is that I felt that the graphic novel part should have been darker in places in order to give the reader the full experience, instead it felt more like a washed out representation which was the only real let down of this piece.

All in, this is a real touch of magic to help kick off the new year and when backed up with a surprising price, makes this a real bargain.

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