Saturday, 12 February 2011


Release Date: 03/02/11


WHAT ELSE IS THERE WHEN LIFE HAS NO POINT? In a Britain on the edge of collapse, the lost teens have formed Cutter Circles, a terrible cult based on mutual suicide. For ex- Special Forces soldier Josh Cumberland, this is just the start of another descent into the very heart of darkness. Savage satire and incredible near-future thrills from the author of Edge.


An unusual release under a pseudonym from Science Fiction author John Meaney. As you’d come to expect from this author the tale is carefully built with a level of believability that few can match. Add to this a great sense of style, a unique point of view as well as wonderful set of prose backed up with characters that the reader can hook into and you know that it’s a setting that will steer many a reader into a tale that they can love. When you also realise that this is a second novel in a series and its available to all readers, then you know that the author really has done something special.

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