Thursday, 15 March 2012

CRIME REVIEW: Snakes and Ladders - Sean Slater

Release Date: 15/03/12


When Homicide Detective Jacob Striker discovers that a string of recent suicides might actually be covered-up murders, his investigation quickly leads him to the Riverglen Mental Health Facility. The victims were all patients from the support group overseen by psychologist Dr. Erich Ostermann. And when Striker discovers Larisa Logan - a dear friend of his, and a patient of Ostermann - has gone missing, his investigation goes into overdrive. Time is running out. And the evidence tells him one very important fact: that Larisa knows something about the murders. Even worse, she is trapped. She can't return to the hospital because her own life is in danger. Larisa's only chance for living is to escape. Racing against time and a chilling adversary, Striker searches desperately for Larisa. It is a dangerous game they play. Where one right step can catapult you to a place of dominance - and one wrong step can leave you sliding to your doom. It is a game of psychopaths. It is Snakes & Ladders.


Crime is big business and whilst writers have utilised the cop vs serial killer arc for years, there always has to be something special in the mix to keep it not only fresh but of interest to the reader.

In this, Sean’s second title, the reader is treated to a story of murder, of twisted ideals and of course a cop that once he has the bit in his mouth won’t let go.

Add to this a story with a great sense of pace, characters that you believe in as well as solid prose alongside a pace that makes it very easy reading and the reader really is in for a satisfying break from the real world. Great stuff.

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Ladders said...

Not just a good read, but a classic read! I loved it from start to finish. Fast paced and great character building.