Thursday, 1 March 2012

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Carpathia - Matt Forbeck

Release Date: 01/03/12


Hell comes to the high seas as James Cameron's TITANIC crashes full-force into the iceberg that is Bram Stoker's DRACULA. Forbeck sinks his fangs into one helluva horror story, robbing from real history to set up an epic showdown between man and vampire (and between vampire and vampire) on the RMS Carpathia File Under: Fantasy ["Bump In The Night" | "Unthinkable" | "Rescue Remedy" | "1912 Overture"]. It's gripping, exciting, and imaginative. It could make a great film, but it's a great book anyway so read it, whether you like sci-fi or not.


Having recently finished another book set around the same disaster, I was in the mood for something a little different. Throw Matt Forbeck into the area and you know that what you’re going to get will push the readers imagination to the limit as well as twisting perceived idea’s with a wonderfully urban fantasy twist.

Here within this title, Matt brings all the elements of the Titanic Disaster to the fore but then also wonders what would have happened had Vampires been aboard the Carpathia.

It’s quirky, it has an almost cinematic feel and when you add to this Matt’s no nonsense writing style backed with good clear action alongside some characters with familiar surnames, then you know that what you’re embarking on is going to be a tale with some bite. Magical.


Pat Hollett said...

What a good idea for a story. Vampires aboard the Carpathia. Very interesting concept! I'm thinking Titanic next...LOL :)

T. Crosby said...

Now THIS is something I'd watch at a theatre. lol, sounds like a fun and twisted read. :)