Wednesday, 21 March 2012

FANTASY REVIEW: Malory's Knights of Albion 3: Dark North - Paul Finch

Release Date: 13/03/12


When King Arthur faces a challenge for his crown from the restored Roman Empire, he must call his supporters from every corner of the British Isles. One knight, Sir Lucan – the Black Wolf of the North – has more reason than most to join the coming campaign: his beautiful wife, Trelawna, hoping to lead a new, better life in Italy, has absconded with a young Roman officer.

Lucan’s squire, Alaric, fears for his overlord’s soul after a battle with the Penahrrow worm taints his blood; but is more afraid still for the safety of Lady Trelawna, whom he always loved from a distance. Meanwhile, the Roman family she has fallen in with are the corrupt and influential Malconi clan, and their matriarchal head is the sorceress Zalmyra. She sees it as her motherly duty to stop Lucan, with every demonic force she can summon…


I’ve loved the Malory Knights of Albion series since its first title was released. It harks back to fantasy as well as giving the reader a whole set of stories that feel that they have a background within our own world almost as if they have been inspired by the story tellers of yesteryear. It’s catchy, the characters really come to life and when you add authors to the mix that know how to wind the reader round their little fingers to wring the most from their reactions, it’s a series that has won a place in my heart with each passing title.

Add to this great pace, some wonderful descriptive prose and of course a story with lead character I could really get behind and all in it’s another satisfactory read for me. Great stuff all in.

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