Monday, 27 April 2009

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Evil Ways - Justin Gustainis


Quincey Morris and Libby Chastain investigate a series of murders where white witches are being hunted down and killed—and Libby may be next on the list. Meanwhile, the FBI is stymied by a series of child murders around the country, in which the victims' organs are being removed for use in occult rituals. Quincey and Libby don't want to get involved, but they may have no choice. From Iraq to Idaho, the trail of clues leads straight to Walter Grobius, a crazed billionaire who plans the biggest black magic ritual of all time. If he isn't stopped, all Hell will break loose—for real.


Having discovered Justin last year I really couldn’t wait for his second novel so when it landed from Solaris I just had to get started. Its well written, the characterisation building upon the world for which he developed and thanks to a certain Mr Butcher a trip to Chicago allowed for others to penetrate the world in such a way to allow for a greater world building experience as others make an appearance. The sad thing about the book is the dedication within the text that tells the reader how hard a time it must have been for the author to write the piece. That said it doesn’t show within the text and it clearly demonstrates how much of himself the author has thrown within the tale. Its concise, it’s a wonderful read and it adds a touch of magic to the world that we wish we’d inhabit even if its darker than the norm in the continual epic struggle of good vs evil where a descendant of a character in Dracula continues the family pursuit of justice.

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