Tuesday, 3 December 2013

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: Inspector January David 3: Dead Set - Will Carver

Release Date: 21/11/13
Publisher:  Arrow Books


Detective Inspector January David doesn't love me. He loves his missing sister. He loves his job. But he doesn't love me. Not in the way he should. I am his wife. I amstillhis wife. And I will do anything for him. No matter what I have to sacrifice.


Will Carver is an author that delivers a crime title that not only chills you to the marrow but also delivers a storyline that is hard to let go of. The characters are solid, fully believable and when the author throws situations their way, you can see the workings of their minds as they seek to find the answers to the crimes that they face.

Its definitely something that works wonderfully well and when you throw into the mix a darkly delicious thrill ride you know damn well that you’ve got a book that’s going to more than hit the spot. If you want a book to help you unwind after a hard couple of days, this is the title for you, although it may well effect your sleep as that reader niggle of “One more chapter” will become more than an acquaintance.

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