Thursday, 18 December 2014

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: Batman and Superman 2015 Annual Review - Titan Review


Watch out Villains, Bats is back in his brand new annual that fans will just love and for me it was a book that was a lot of fun to sit down and read, especially with my nephew’s who are huge superhero fans. Here within this annual is a book that has great storytelling, kllustrations and for me is something that would make a great stocking filler to keep your young Batfan happy during the holiday period.


So having read and reviewed Bat’s annual, it was time to sit back and get on with Smallvilles very own Clark Kent and to see what (mis)adventures occur. Its full of cracking stories, has great art and of course when added to a whole heap of fun within, is something that will more than please the young reader in your life. A great way to get them into books and for me, was a pure joy to sit down and read with my nephews. Magic.

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