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TV TIE IN: Vikings 3 DVD Out and we Interviewed Ragnar's Descendant - 20th Century Fox

Life as they often say, is stranger than fiction, and having heard about the release of Vikings, Season 3 on DVD (2nd of November 2015) from 20th Century Fox, some of our friends tracked down Ragnar's (played in the TV series by Travis Fimmel) descendant.

We were lucky enough to be able to ask James Crowley some questions and here are his answers:
FT:  How did you discover you were related to Ragnar?

JC:  I was approached over Facebook by Zero Degrees West.

FT:  Upon discovering your bloodline, what did you think and who was the first person you told?

JC:   I thought it was quite funny because I really look nothing like a Viking. I told my flat mates who were with me at the time.

FT:  How do you feel that you are similar to Ragnar?

JC:  I suppose in terms of personality traits we both value leadership, but it's hard to say otherwise.

FT:  With a famed name in the bloodline, how much time have you spent researching your ancestor and what have you discovered?

JC:  I spent about an hour or so researching him after I was told. One thing I found was an interesting story about him getting shipwrecked off the coast of Northumberland, only to then fall into battle with the local King - out of the frying pan and into the fire!

FT:  If you could chat to Ragnar over a pint, what would you say to him and how do you think he'd respond?

JC:  I'd want to tell him about what life is like today and see what he thinks about that. I really don't think he'd be able to get his head around a lot of modern day stuff.

FT:  When you have children, what do you think you'll say about your famous ancestor to them?

JC:  I'll tell them about Norse mythology and use Ragnar as a reference point - I'd have loved that when I was a kid.

If you still haven't had chance to catch up with Ragnar and his crew join them from series one, out on DVD already and as an added bonus, here's an action sequence for you:

We can't wait to see what life has in store for Lothbrook and his crew and hope you'll join us on a voyage or two on his Longship. 

All the best,

Gareth and Lady Eleanor

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