Thursday, 3 March 2016

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Outer Earth 2: Zero-G - Rob Boffard

Release Date: 21/01/16
Publisher:  Orbit


Outer Earth is a giant space station, orbiting the dead remains of our planet. It is humanity's last refuge.

Riley Hale may be the newest member of the station's law enforcement team, but she feels less in control than ever. When a doctor bent on revenge blackmails her, Riley has no choice but to give in to his demands and break a dangerous prisoner out of jail. But this is not just any prisoner - it's someone capable of bringing the entire space station to its knees.

With time running out, Riley must break her own beliefs - and every law she's sworn to protect - if she has any hope of saving Outer Earth from destruction.

Experience the excitement of Outer Earth in Zero-G - an action-packed thriller set in space from Rob Boffard.

The Outer Earth novels:



I love books that take me on a journey and if you love high octane, fast paced action then this book will pretty much hit the spot for you. The prose is solid, the characters decent and when you throw into the mix a galaxy of dirty and grime that feels fairly realistic all round generates a story that works well for the reader.

Back this all up with a solid overall arc and a plotline that really brings the authors imagination to the fore backed by a trilogy that has allowed it to flourish almost organically all round has made this a pure joy to read.

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