Wednesday, 2 November 2016

FANTASY REVIEW: The Gaia Chronilcles 2: Rook Song - Naomi Foyle

Release Date: 05/02/16
Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books


Astra Ordott is in exile. Evicted from Is-Land for a crime she cannot regret, she has found work in an ancient fortress in Non-Land: headquarters of the Council of New Continents, the global body charged with providing humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of this toxic refugee camp.

Recovering from a disorienting course of Memory Pacification Treatment, Astra struggles to focus on her overriding goals - to find her Code father and avenge the death of her Shelter mother, Hokma.

But can the CONC compound director, the ambiguous Major Thames, protect her from the hawk-eyed attentions of her old enemies? And who in this world of competing agendas can she trust? The deeper Astra ventures into this new world, the more she realises her true quest may be to find herself.


The second title in the Gaia Chronicles and one that works wonderfully well for me as a reader. Giving you the chance to explore the cultures within the world, the way that they all interact with each other and of course allows the reader to get to know each of the people on a personal level with their own unique voices.

The writing is crisp, the prose delightfully sharp and of course when you add into the mix some cracking twists alongside a principle character that you just can't help but love generates a book that not only takes you into the world but allows you to explore it without giving the reader any additional fluff that detracts from the tale. Top notch writing.

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