Monday, 9 October 2017

FANTASY REVIEW: Age of Dread 1: Mageborn - Stephen Aryan

Release Date: 05/10/17
Publisher:  Orbit


Thousands died when mages sundered the earth and split the sky.
It was a war that devastated entire kingdoms.
Now one man believes eradicating magic is the only way to ensure a lasting peace. He and his followers will do anything to achieve his goal - even if it means murdering every child born with the ability.


Returning to Stephen's world set ten years after his original Age of Darkness Trilogy, we are thrown into a chaotic world where those born with the "ability" to weild magic are murdered in hopes of keeping the fragile peace established after the events in the original series.

As with the first set, its well written, the characters are fun to be around and when thrown in with solid twists, some great story plotting alongside characters I want to spend time around and I have to say that I was more than pleased with this title. Add to this solid prose and of course dialogue that works wonderfully well all round gives me a great beginning to the new trilogy. Magic.

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