Monday, 27 November 2017

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: In the Dark - Andreas Pfluger

Release Date: 16/11/17
Publisher:  Head of Zeus


She lost her sight, but she can still see the truth...

Jenny Aaron was once part of an elite police unit tracking Germany's most dangerous criminals. She was the best. Until it all went wrong. A disastrous mission saw her abandon a wounded colleague and then lose her sight forever.

Now, five years later, she has learnt to navigate a darkened world. But she's still haunted by her betrayal. Why did she run?

Then she receives a call from the unit. They need her back. A prison psychologist has been brutally murdered. And the killer will only speak to one person...


The UK publisher of this title is one that is renowned for bringing foreign talent to the British reader and when they spend out for a translator they really do make sure that the book is polished to not only bring the full flavour of the tale to the fore but also so that the language nuances work well in the translated version so that the text flows without any minterpreted words that can ruin the whole flow of a paragraph.

Within the pages the reader is treated to a principle character that feels rounded, she has her flaws and whilst she's hard on herself, the strength and ability really show that she "see's" more than the average person. The book has great pace, solid dialogue and all round gives the crime reader a real treat wtih some magical twists. all round a great read and now an author thats firmly on my radar.

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