Thursday, 24 March 2011

ART BOOK REVIEW: Framed Ink - Marcus Mateu-Mestre

Release Date: 25/02/11


This is the ultimate guide to visual storytelling. Using his extensive experience of working in the comic book industry and for movie studios, Mateu-Mestre explains a step-by-step system for the best visual communication. From creating a single image, visual character development and environment, to composing steady shots, and establishing continuity, with practical examples, this book covers it all.


Whilst a lot of the how to titles out there deal with getting the initial shapes and composition sorted for singular pieces, this title by Spanish artist Marcos Mateu-Mestre deals with a whole lot more. Whilst initially he does deal with composing one image, he looks at the narrative story of the piece as a whole allowing those with an interest in either storyboarding for films or for illustrating graphic novels to learn tips and tricks that have taken years to learn.

It’s beautifully written with clear, easy to understand tips and when backed with practical demonstrations allows the reader to absorb in minutes lessons that without the illustration would have taken a lot longer to understand. Add to this not only an authoritive voice upon the subject but a respected name within the film genre makes this a title that you really can’t miss. Whilst it won’t tell you all about drawing it will help make sure that you get your composition right to make it work for you rather than at times confuse the audience. All in a great title and one that I wouldn’t restrict to just artists but would also recommend to those who want to write film scripts or even help writers compose their scenes to get the most impact from their work.

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Heidi said...

That sounds like something I'd be interested in, Even if I don't write graphic novels or screenplays I'm looking for anything that will give me inspiration.

I'll add it to my 'look to buy' list.