Friday, 18 March 2011

NEWS: Anarchy talks to Falcata Times

With the recent announcement of a new Indie publisher, ANARCHY BOOKS, we chatted to REMBO (sorry Andy Remic) about this new upstart who's determined to break not only the mold but smash the factory to bits.

Here he lets us know what the differences are between themselves and traditional publishing and why they're breaking out...

Falcata Times: You've mentioned in your press release that Anarchy Books is "A Fusion of Writing, music, game and film". Why do you think that all these elements work together?

Andy Remic: It's about giving the end-user a wider range of experiences. So, music composed to fit the novel, or a film experience to tie in with the music. Every aspect will be pick and mix, so the entertainment junkie just chooses the elements he/she would like to experience. The different elements will work together because of story links, or even just thematic links.

FT: Signed up for the project is quite a mix of authors? How are they chosen and what key characteristics drew your attention to them?

AR: We will only work with authors whose work we personally admire, and it's a shame that due to work commitments writers like Charles Stross and Joe Abercrombie had to say no.
Still, we have a great line-up, including superb writers like Ian Graham, fantasy author of MONUMENT, who has been off the circuit for a while.

It's also been really cool to let some new up and coming "unknown" authors be published alongside the established. Everybody needs a break sometime :-)

FT: What are you looking for in a manuscript/project?

AR: We're open to all ideas. With an MS, something which is:
a) interesting/unique,
b) well written,
c) marketable.

With regards other projects - try us. The whole thing about Anarchy Books is that we're trying to innovate.

FT: How do you identify that someone will fit in well at Anarchy even if the project submitted isn't suitable for yourselves to publish/create?

AR: We welcome everybody :-) After all, we were born in the aftermath of PUNK.

FT: With publishing becoming an increasingly risky business, what do you think that Anarchy has to offer to keep it at the forefront of the readers imagination?

AR: Everything in life is a risk, and one should not shy away from taking one (or ten). By offering a symbiosis of linked project media, this is a very cool unique selling point. We're pretty sure nobody out there is doing this! We hope ANARCHY BOOKS will spark the imaginations of many readers and music lovers, film goers and video game makers everywhere!!

FT: Why do you think that Anarchy is so different to the traditional publisher?

AR: Like punk, we're not going to obey the rules. We're thinking outside the box. In fact, we've just kicked the box to bits with our Size 10s!

For more information please visit their website, Here.


Pat Hollett said...

A very interesting interview! I enjoyed reading his views and your questions. :) said...

I like it. "Everything is a risk."

True. Too true!

T. Crosby said...

Awesome interview, really enjoyed it. We simply cannot have enough people out there in the market to support new talent. :) Kudo's!