Tuesday, 15 March 2011

HISTORICAL FANTASY REVIEW: The Enterprise of Death - Jesse Bullington

Release Date: 03/03/11


As the witch-pyres of the Spanish Inquisition blanket Renaissance Europe in a moral haze, a young African slave is unwillingly apprenticed to an ancient necromancer. Her tormentor has bound her with a curse forged from blood and spirit. But salvation could lie in arcane writings her tutor has hidden on the war-torn continent ...Jesse Bullington casts his own macabre spell over the late middle ages in a work that becomes compulsive, amusing and horrifying in quick succession.


Jesse Bullington is one of those authors that’s like Forest Gump’s Box of Chocs. You’re never quite sure what you’re going to get but the odds are it’ll be something gooey, delicious and with the authors sense of humour probably with a wicked twist of something like Chilli. Presenting you with something that’s so good but just so mind-blowing at the same time. What unfurls in this his latest title is a story that the reader will love, he knows how to twist your point of view and he also knows how to do it so well that it’s a revelation each time he changes direction. Add to this a great understanding of pace, a masterful building of characters and a whole host of the weird and wonderful makes you wonder if he’s not Terry Gilliam’s Love Child.

All in I loved this book and when you add to it that this is only the authors second title its probably going to surprise a few readers that he’s not been around for years. Definitely an author to watch as this Monty Pythonesque author flattens you with his writerly giant foot.

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