Saturday, 5 March 2011

FANTASY REVIEW: Warhammer Fantasy: Broken Honour - Robert Earl

Release Date: 03/03/11


The armies of Hochland are at breaking point. Beset on all sides by the feral beastmen, the safety and prosperity of the province is shattered. These are desperate times. Mercenary Captain Eriksson looks to capitalise on the conflict, buying the freedom of a group of prisoners to form a new free company. The criminals are delighted to be released, but this comes at a terrible price - to fight and die in the upcoming conflict. Eriksson must lead his makeshift company into one bloody conflict after another, putting his faith in those who gave up on honour long ago. On the battlefields of Hochland, either damnation or redemption awaits them.


Whilst the death legions of the 40K worlds are well known, the Warhammer ones are not only rare but few and far between (the last Warhammer Dirty Dozen/A-Team were the Blackhearts by Nathan Long) so when this title landed pitting the few against the masses in a beastman version of Rorkes Drift then you know that it’s going to be happening pretty hard and fast with the odds of anyone getting out few and far between. Beautifully written, Roberts latest release is a title that will have fans clamouring for more as well as lapping up the blood soaked gore (or Gor if you prefer) right up to the last page. Add to the mix some great descriptive prose, a descent dialogue as well as giving the readers exactly what they want and I suspect that this new band of Warhammer “heroes” stereotypes will return in one form or another.

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