Friday, 4 March 2011

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Warhammer 40K: Imperial Guard Omnibus: Hammer of the Emperor - Lyons, Parker, Soulban

Release Date: 03/03/11


Across the war-torn galaxy, the Imperial Guard are a bastion against the enemies of mankind. From the punishing heat of Tallarn's deserts to the bonechilling tundras of Valhalla, these are soldiers who give their lives in the Emperor's name. Whether shoulder to shoulder or crushing their enemies in vast machines of war, they are unwavering in their devotion to duty. On a thousand stars, they repel the forces of Chaos and the foul xenos in an eternal conflict. This omnibus collects three tales of savage warfare and heroism in the frontline.


There’s nothing more heroic in the 40K universe than the common man, his fear is higher along with need to run for his own mortality but to me it makes his deeds more heroic than that of the modified superhuman astartes. Brought together here are three Imperial Guard titles that will take you to all environments alongside extremes.

Whilst I personally didn’t rate one of the three books highly, the other two more than made up for it. The writing is snappy, the dialogue war torn and harsh with the prose sticking to the action thick and fast. All in it’s a good bit of fun and gives the reader something different to the norm especially when their troops take to the battlefield and the readers get a chance to slog it through the dangers as if they were there. Great stuff.

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