Saturday, 19 March 2011

FANTASY REVIEW: Twilight of Kerberos: The Trials of Trass Kathra - Mike Wild

Release Date: 15/02/11


'CHILD OF TRASS KATHRA. WELCOME HOME.' One year after Kali Hooper defeated the Pale Lord, Bastian Redigor lives on in the body of Jakub Freel. The mysterious entity known as the Hel'ss, meanwhile, moves closer to Twilight, welcomed as a herald of their Ascension by the spellbound Final Faith. Only Kali and her friends know the deadly reality of what the Hel'ss will bring but they have been declared outlaws, hunted by the Order of the Swords of Dawn and the sinister spheres, the Eyes of The Lord. So begins Kali's penultimate adventure, a quest far beyond the Stormwall to the mythical Trass Kathra, the Island of the Lost. Here she will suffer the Trials of Four to discover the true nature of Twilight's gods and her own shocking origin in the chaotic depths of the Thunderflux. Kali Hooper is dead, and this is the beginning of the end ...


Having followed the adventures of our heroine Kali in her previous outings, I was pretty sure what to expect, a kick-ass high octane adventure that makes a certain Doctor Jones not only a relic but fossilised. What unfurled within however will have wider reaching repercussions in other titles in this series and of course for our heroines own outings.

As usual, it is action that leads the way, with some wonderful author twists, some great character appearances and friends/foes both interchanging where they stand so that the reader is never quite sure who’s on whose side. It was a sheer delight to read and whilst some of the subtleties within may not be fully understood for some time to come, Mike has created something that will definitely make the next title one to not only watch but actively demand especially with the cliff-hanger ending. Knowing that I get the feeling that the services of a certain Dwarf have been hired to make sure that it doesn’t happen. Where’s Kali where you need her?

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Mike Wild said...

Many, many thanks for a cracking review! A certain dwarf will indeed be around in the next book - but for how long? All the best to your site. Mike.