Saturday, 26 March 2011

CRIME REVIEW: A Dance of Ghosts - Kevin Brooks

Release Date: 17/03/11


PI John Craine is struggling to cope with the weight of his past. Sixteen years ago his wife, Stacy, was brutally murdered. Craine found her body in their bed. And since then, to escape the pain and the unanswered questions, he has buried himself in work by day, and whisky by night. But one phone call changes everything. The mother of missing young woman Anna Gerrish calls on his services, and Craine soon finds himself at the centre of a sinister web of corruption and lies that leads back into the murky waters of the past - and to the night that Craine has spent over a decade trying to forget. As he delves deeper and deeper into the case everything gets increasingly, terrifyingly, personal. And it's down to Craine to stop history from repeating itself...


With having read so many crime titles on the trot each title has to bring something new to me to keep me not only engrossed but to remember the specifics a while after turning the final page. This is exactly why this title by children’s author Kevin Brooks stands out in this, his adult debut.

The characters are cleverly thought out, they’re fully rounded and have foibles like real people, they have consciences, they have flaws and they have vices that allows the reader to be able to associate with them. Add to this a great understanding of pace, some wonderful sleight of hand, some cleverly concealed plot devices and an overall arc that will keep the reader guessing to the end. It’s a great read and when you add a touch of the film noir PI to the story, a title that really will remain for quite some time.

Finally add to this simplistic description that keeps it moving along at its own pace and it is clear that as Kevin has learned a large number of tricks on how to get to the meat of the tale from his earlier works.

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