Thursday, 10 March 2011

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Dark Carpathians 1: Dark Prince - Christine Feehan

Release Date: 03/03/11


Raven Whitney is a psychic who has used her gift to help the police track down a serial killer. Now she is determined to escape the glare of recent publicity for the peace and quiet of the Carpathian Mountains. Despite her own emotional fatigue, Raven finds herself connecting psychically to another wounded individual somewhere close by. Prince Mikhail Dubrinsky is the leader of his people but, as his ancient Carpathian race grows ever closer to extinction, he is close to giving in to the heavy weight of loneliness and despair. Then a female voice enters his mind and tries to console him. Intrigued, Mikhail becomes obsessed with finding this unusual human female. From the moment their minds touch, Raven and Mikhail form a connection. But there are those who incorrectly view all Carpathians as vampires, and are determined to give their extinction a helping hand.


Having come to this series a lot later than the earlier titles I was interested to see how it all began as well as to see how the authors writing style had changed over time. It is definitely creative and whilst in some places it can feel a little simplistic the characters are what has driven Christine’s writing since the beginning. She knows how to get them to appear to the reader and whilst there are some flaws within, you really don’t tend to notice it so much as you can’t get enough of the principle cast members complexity as well as their romance.

Finally add onto this that this edition has been extended by the author and alongside being wonderfully written with interesting dialogue as well as backed with a decent set of prose, it leaves the reader more than satisfied with the additional material. I’ll have to keep up with these reprints to make sure that I get the most from the series.

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