Sunday, 13 March 2011

HISTORICAL FICTION REVIEW: Tyrant 4: King of Bosporus - Christian Cameron

Release Date: 03/02/11


Satyrus and Melitta, twin heirs to a rich kingdom on the Black Sea, were hounded into exile in FUNERAL GAMES after their mother was brutally murdered by one of their father's former comrades, Heron. Heron now rules the land that is theirs by right, but the twins are older and battle-hardened in the wars of Alexander's Successors. Once they have gathered their forces, nothing will stop them from exacting a terrible revenge...


If you love historical fiction with high octane action packed scenes but don’t want guns, then you really have to try Christian Cameron. The writing style is distinctive, will appeal to fans of David Gemmell and above all else delivers a great book to satisfy the reader.

Add to this great prose, some cracking characters alongside top notch dialogue backed by with a distinctive author voice and you know that it’s a book to set standards by and whilst this isn’t my favourite book by Christian (that’s already owned by Killer of Men.) I eagerly await each new title by this author and it’s going to be a long wait for the next title in the Long War series Marathon out in August.

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