Thursday, 17 September 2015

ALTERNATE HISTORY SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Tales from the Vatican Vaults - Ed. David V Barrett

Release Date: 06/08/15
Publisher:  Robinson


A captivating collection of original science fiction and fantasy stories based on the same alternate world premise: a collection of documents that have been suppressed by the Vatican and hidden away for years, in some cases centuries, are revealed when the vaults are thrown open by a reforming pope.

In this alternate reality, Pope John Paul (I) does not die a month after his accession in 1978; instead he lives on for over 30 years to become the most reforming pope of all time. In addition to relaxing the rules on birth control and priestly celibacy he also opens up the most secret parts of the Vatican Library to scholars . . .

In the Vatican's deepest vaults, documents are discovered which shed new light on world history, containing information which, if true, would cause many parts of accepted history to have to be rewritten. These include not just the undercover involvement of the Catholic Church in world affairs, but documented accounts of what really happened in historical conundrums, the real lives of saints and popes, miracles, magic, angels and even alien encounters.


Compendiums are a cracking way to try authors that you may not have had the time or the money to pick up before. This title from the Mammoth series bring a whole host of top talent together such as Storm Constantine alongside Mary Gentle as well as Sarah Ash to name a few.

Each tale is solid in its worn right and when woven together as if it with scholarly notes all round makes it something unique. All round a book that I had a lot of fun with and an ideal title for that brief escape with whether it’s a lunch break or journey time, you really won’t be disappointed. Magic.

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