Friday, 18 September 2015

HISTORICAL FICTION REVIEW: Hereward 5: The Immortals - James Wilde

Release Date: 13/08/15
Publisher:  Bantam Press


1073 – under the merciless sun of the east, a dark force has risen - a Norman adventurer who could rival the feared King William for bloody ambition. He has conquered his land, he has built his fortress and he has amassed his army. And now he has taken Constantinople's ruler as his prisoner…

It falls to Hereward to rescue this precious captive. For this great English warrior-in-exile and his spear-brothers, it will mean mounting a raid that could prove the most dangerous and deadliest of their lives. Assisting them in their task will be an elite and legendary band of fighters, the Immortals – so-called because they believe they cannot die in battle. But it will not be enough - for enemies hide within the jewelled heart of Byzantium: vipers who spread their poison, who want to see the English dead at any cost and who are to transform a mission that was at best dangerous into an adventure that is now suicidal. . .

With this rousing adventure full of brutal sword play, treachery, camaraderie and honour, James Wilde continues his bestselling account of the action-packed life and times of England's great and now, thanks to his his fiction, perhaps not-so-forgotten hero - Hereward the Wake.


Hereward is for me, the epitome of a superhero from old tales and here, in this carnation, he’s brought up to date by author James Wilde. As you’d expect there plenty of action sequences, good pace and of course prose that helps you see enough of the scene to get a picture without overly detailing it.

All round a cracking read and a series that I’ve had quite a bit of fun with especially when the author throws a few twists into the plot line alongside the odd piece of sleight of hand to keep it fresh.

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