Wednesday, 23 September 2015

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: Cold Series 2: A Cold Silence - Alison Littlewoods

Release Date: 03/09/15
Publisher:  Jo Fletcher Books


Ben Cassidy has strict instructions from his mother, Cass, never to return to his childhood home of Darnshaw. But when an old friend dies, he returns to investigate a computer game she was playing named Acheron.

Acheron claims it will give you all that you ask for, something Gaila, Ben's sister, knows all too well. But there is a price, and hers is to get Ben to London.

As Ben and his friends delve ever deeper into the world of Acheron, good motivations and morality begin to slip, and they find themselves falling further into corruption. Ben and Gaila could save them all, but the price for doing so might just be too high to pay . . .


I remember reading an Urban Fantasy by Alison a couple of years ago and what I recall was a story that was well written with a cracking crime element so when I noticed this Thriller coming out I couldn’t wait to embark upon another journey with her. As with the original book I read this one brings a lot of the elements that I fell in love with into this story. It had good pace, a solid storyline and when you throw into it a characters that I enjoyed spending time around really made this a book that I had a hard time putting down.

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