Tuesday, 22 September 2015

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: The Blackthorn Series 1: The Blackthorn Key - Kevin Sands

Release Date: 08/09/15
Publisher:  Puffin


Follow the clues. Crack the code. Stay alive.

Potions, puzzles and the occasional explosion are all in a day's work for young apothecary Christopher Rowe. Murder is another matter.

It's a dangerous time to be the apprentice of Benedict Blackthorn. A wave of mysterious murders has sent shockwaves through London, and soon Christopher finds himself on the run. His only allies are his best friend, Tom, courageous Molly, and a loyal feathered friend, Bridget. His only clues are a coded message about his master's most dangerous project, and a cryptic warning - 'Tell no one!'

The race is on for Christopher: crack the code and uncover its secret, or become the next victim . . .

A brilliant, fast-paced adventure perfect for fans of Percy Jackson.


I do tend to think that a lot of the time Children’s books can be harder to write than adult ones, firstly because of the language that can be used and secondly because of the attention span and how you have to keep it moving and exciting whilst also allowing for lulls in order to build up the pace again.

This book by Kevin Sands has it all, there’s great pace, wonderful prose and to be honest I have to say that I loved the puzzles that made you think your way through them. It’s well written and with a principle character that you love to spend time around made this a book that was a pure joy to read.

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