Monday, 21 September 2015

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: Devoted in Death - JD Robb

Release Date: 17/09/15
Publisher:  Piatkus


It's a new year in New York city, and two star-crossed lovers have just discovered an insatiable appetite...for murder.

Lieutenant Eve Dallas has witnessed some grisly crimes in her career and she knows just how dark things can get on the streets. But when a much-loved musician is found dead, Eve soon realises that his murder is part of a horrifying killing spree, stretching right across the country.

Now the killers have reached New York, and they've found themselves another victim. Eve knows she only has a couple of days to save a young girl's life, and to stop the killers before their sadistic games escalate. Eve's husband Roarke is ready to put his brains and his considerable resources behind the search. But even as the couple works closely together, time is running out...


If you enjoy a crime story that concentrates on characters and plot rather than fully diving into the criminal aspect then JD Robb may well be the author for you as this, (her 41st book in this series) bring serial killing duo Ella-Loo and Daryll to the attention of Lieutenant Eve Dallas.

As the list of victims grows (due to the research of one of the clues), Eve has to track the duo down and when you throw her own personal partnership into the mix, it’s a tale that has high octane emotional context mixed with a cracking story. All round a great book and one that had me glued from start to finish as it concentrated more on character development which for me is the key to all books. Cracking.

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