Wednesday, 16 September 2015

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: Sully Carter 2: Murder, DC - Neely Tucker

Release Date: 30/07/15
Publisher:  Century


The follow-up to last year’s acclaimed The Ways of the Dead, this gritty mystery showcases Tucker’s talent for spot-on dialogue, authentic characters, and complex narrative.

When Billy Ellison, the son of Washington, D.C.’s most influential African-American family, is found dead in the Potomac near a violent drug haven, veteran metro reporter Sully Carter knows it’s time to start asking some serious questions―no matter what the consequences.

With the police unable to find a lead and pressure mounting for Sully to abandon the investigation, he has a hunch that there is more to the case than a drug deal gone bad or a tale of family misfortune. Digging deeper, Sully finds that the real story stretches far beyond Billy and into D.C.’s most prominent social circles.

An alcoholic still haunted from his years as a war correspondent in Bosnia, Sully now must strike a dangerous balance between D.C.’s two extremes―the city’s violent, desperate back streets and its highest corridors of power―while threatened by those who will stop at nothing to keep him from discovering the shocking truth.


There are times in real life when you want to turn you hand to detective in order to utilise and use up some of that nervous pent up energy that always seems to take over prior to bed. What this title from Neely does, is provide you with a police procedural title that not only allows you to delve into the murder but look at each of the clues and try and get some clear idea’s as to whom you think is responsible.

It’s a solid enough title and whilst at times there are a few pieces that are explained in greater than needed detail. All round a good read and one that I had quite a bit of fun with especially as the key character of Sully Carter feels quite real to me. Magic.

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