Wednesday, 30 September 2015

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: The Watchers - Neil Spring

Release Date: 24/09/15
Publisher:  Quercus


A chilling tale based on true events from the bestselling author of The Ghost Hunters . . .

At the height of the Cold War, officials at the Ministry of Defence conducted a highly secret investigation into unusual events that occurred along a strip of rugged coastline within the Pembrokeshire National Park nicknamed 'The Broad Haven Triangle'. The events made national headlines: lights and objects hovering in the sky, ghostly figures peering into farmhouse windows, cowering animals, and poltergeists plaguing a terrified family of witnesses.Thirty years later, official files pertaining to these occurrences were finally released for public scrutiny at the National Archives. The disclosure prompted a new witness to come forward to speak of what he knew. His testimony rocked the very foundations of the British Government. This is his story.


A book that surprises the reader with a quick right hook and one that really never gives the reader a chance to recover as the story blends a whole heap of genres into one and delivers a cracking arc that is a pure joy to read. The pace is stunning, the prose top notch and when you add dialogue that helps you not only grab onto the characters but care about what happens to them all round generates something that you really can’t put down.

I can’t wait to see what Neil returns with and look forward to another late night in his company. Cracking.

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