Tuesday, 26 January 2010

FANTASY REVIEW: Orc's: Bad Blood 2: Army of Shadows - Stan Nicholls


Stryke and the Wolverines returned in 2008 in ORCS BAD BLOOD 1: WEAPONS OF MAGICAL DESTRUCTION, taking their quest to save the Orc race from both man and the sorceress Jennesta across the dimensions. Now they are back in another volume of frenetic action, nail-biting adventure and black humour. Orcs warband the Wolverines are stranded in a parallel world. Their only means of escape, the mysterious instrumentalities, have been seized by their nemesis, the depraved sorceress Jennesta. But regaining the artefacts is only one of their problems. To ignite an uprising in the face of ruthless human oppressors commanding magic, Stryke and his band must reawaken the lost martial spirit of the world's indigenous orcs. You'll never look at an Orc again in the same way.


If there is such a thing as a guarantee by an author its that Stan’s novels will do what it not only says on the tin but with talent to spare. You get high octane combat, a great story arc and characters that jump off the page to the readers imagination with great prose. Add to the mix an author who not only know’s his trade but also does it in such a way that the reader has devoured the tale before they’ve even realised that they’re there and it’s a tale that will have many a legion of fans demanding more from Stan in a very short time. Beware the march of the fan army.

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