Thursday, 21 January 2010

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: The Runaway - Angela McAllister


Megan, frightened, guilty, and running from everything she's ever known. When Megan arrives at what she believes to be a deserted mansion, she encounters the mysterious Marguerite, blind and despised, with only two silent, watchful owls as her companions. Her eyes. Megan and Marguerite come to depend on one another. Theirs is a strange relationship, but the deserted, almost derelict house, they inhabit is the perfect place for hiding secrets. But Tom, always watching, waiting, biding his time, is determined to bring this fragile world crashing down... With richly drawn characters and a well-plotted story, this is a haunting tale of loss and revenge, of friendship and the power of forgiveness.


There are a few books out there that are all about the adventure or combat or even just a mystery that needs solving. Yet very few seek to delve into the psyche of the protagonist but that’s exactly what this one does as we follow the mystery embarked upon by runaway Megan who finds herself in the company of the strange Marguerite as they each deal with their own emotionally painful pasts giving strength to the other in moments of weakness. It’s a beautiful book and a tale that will have me picking up other stories by Angela as I loved her prose. However, one thing that I hope that she will do in future instalments is to save a bit of the power within for the conclusion as unfortunately it was the weakest part of the story which let the tale down after such a lovingly crafted script.


Adele said...

sounds really interesting.

Anonymous said...

This book touched me in many ways and I still feel touched. Megan may be a Fiction character in a novel, But I feel a connection with her and that I too feel this way and I still do. This is a moving noval 10/10 Exellent