Tuesday, 28 January 2014

NEWS: Join the Greatcoats with Jo Fletcher Books

Hail Mighty Readers, 
Our friends at Jo Fletcher Books have let us know about some cracking information to do with the forthcoming Traitor's Blade by author Sebastien De Castell.  

Here's the latest news for you:
Due to popular demand the eBook of Traitor’s Blade has been bought forward to February 10th and to celebrate we are offering up to 100 eReview copies of Traitor’s Blade via NetGalley. To enter this competition people need to tweet @JoFletcherBooks their Greatcoat Name which is worked out this way:

1.       Writing down the name of your first school – OK, for me this was Jericho
2.       Writing down the MAIDEN name of your Grandmother on your Mother’s side – Cunnington
3.       Combining the two – So in this case my personal Greatcoat name is Jericho Cunnington

The winners of this completion will be announced on the 6th of February and will receive eReview copies via Net Galley. Information about this is now on our blog:

So why delay, sign up now, your King needs you,


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