Thursday, 9 January 2014

URBAN FANTSAY ROMANCE REVIEW: The Immortal Trilogy 3: The Descent - Alma Katsu

Release Date: 02/01/14
Publisher:  Arrow Books


This is the stunning conclusion to Alma Katsu's gripping supernatural trilogy that began with The Taker. 'We had a tangled history, Adair and I. He had been my lover and my teacher, master to my slave. We had literally been prisoners to one another. Somewhere along the way he fell in love with me, but I was too afraid to love him in return. Afraid of his unexplainable powers, and his furious temper. Afraid of what I knew he was capable of and what even he himself didn't know he could do. I ran away to follow a safer path with a man I could understand. I always knew, however, that my path would one day lead back to Adair...'


To be honest I can be a real sucker (no pun intended with this book) for an age old love story and this is what Alma has done wonderfully well within this, the third and final outing of the series. As with the previous two instalments, the story has a wonderful summation at the beginning (so if you haven’t done a reread prior to starting you don’t have to worry) and when added to the development of her principle players (along with excellent backstory flashes) makes this a book that is a “just one more chapter before bed” late night read.

It has solid prose, a wonderful turn of pace and when you add the scope embraced within alongside some cracking twits all round gives the reader a golden glow upon completion after the cast has seen the final curtain. It’s heart-breaking in places, jovial in others and takes you through a whole roller-coaster throughout that really was a joy to spend time with. All round a great book and thanks Alma for giving it redemption as well as emotional plucking to see it on its way.

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