Monday, 26 May 2014

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Night Terrors - Tim Waggoner

Release Date: 27/05/14
Publisher: Angry Robot


It's Supernatural meets Men in Black in a darkly humorous urban fantasy from the author of Nekropolis. When you dream, that have discovered, you visit the Maelstrom. Dream long enough and hard enough, and your dreams can break through into the living world. So, alas, can your nightmares. And who's there to catch the dreams and nightmares as they fall into reality? Meet the Nightwatch, the police who catch escaped nightmares. Pray you never need them -


Urban Fantasy takes a new twist as Tim brings his own version of the Incubi to the reader in a cracking crime thriller that readers will really get behind. It has great prose, some wonderful concepts and when added to principle players dialogue all round generates something that was a pure joy to sit back and read, so much so that I wouldn’t think that you’ll be getting much sleep that night.

Its definitely going to be a book where you feel naught with your “one more chapter” thought and when added to the fact that the world is so open for future exploits as well as the chance for truly evil villains all round makes this a book that I really can’t recommend enough to UF fans looking for something new.

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