Saturday, 3 May 2014

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: The Raven Queen - Che Golden

Release Date: 06/03/14
Publisher:  Quercus


Maddy and her cousins are ready for battle. War in the faerie realm threatens to spill into the human world. The three cousins are determined to protect all they love from the Tuatha, the fearsome faerie leaders. As the Morrighan, the supreme monarch of the Tuatha, awakes, Maddy realises she's going to need more than just physical strength and luck to survive. The Tuath are notorious tricksters, and Maddy will have to outsmart them for good - or else plunge two whole worlds into the darkest chaos.


There are times as a reader when you just can’t help but want to delve into the young adult world for a tale that gets back to the good old firelight story telling tradition of yesteryear. What Che does extremely well is bring the Tuatha to life for the younger reader bringing ancient tales to a modern audience as the young protagonists are placed on opposite sides of the board to the fae.

The storytelling is rich, the characters within bringing something for every young reader and of course are associable for them so that they can easily get to the heart of the matter. Back this up with some cracking plot twists as well as some sleight of hand that will leave them amazed and all round it’s a cracking experience.

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