Sunday, 12 October 2014

URBAN FANTASY CRIME REVIEW: Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets - Ed. David Thomas Moore

Release Date: 09/10/14
Publisher:  Abaddon


The world's most famous detective, as you've never seen him before! A dozen established and up-and-coming authors invite you to view Doyle's greatest creation through a decidedly cracked lens. Read about Holmes and Watson through time and space, as they tackle a witch-trial in seventeenth century Scotland, bandy words with Andy Warhol in 1970s New York, travel the Wild Frontier in the Old West, solve future crimes in a world of robots and even cross paths with a young Elvis Presley...Set to include stories by Kasey Lansdale, Guy Adams, Jamie Wyman, J E Cohen, Gini Koch, Glen Mehn, Kelly Hale, Kaaron Warren, Emma Newman and more.


Ah a wonderful set of short stories based around Holmes and Watson in a multitude of worlds and identities. Its well written, there’s a whole host of cracking tales and when added to the fact that you can dive in for short journey’s or a lunchbreak.

For me, I loved the sheer variety of the tales within, I enjoyed the prose, the dialogue alongside the pace which when added to cracking editing alongside the pleasure of being able to try authors that I hadn’t read before all round gave me a great experience. A pure joy.

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