Tuesday, 5 April 2016

FANTASY REVIEW: Pathfinder Tales: Hell Knight - Liane Merciel

Release Date: 05/04/16
Publisher:  Tor


Paizo Publishing is the award-winning publisher of fantasy roleplaying games, accessories, and board games. Pathfinder Tales: Hellknight is the latest in their popular novel series. The Hellknights are a brutal organization of warriors dedicated to maintaining law and order at any cost. For devil- blooded Jheraal, even the harshest methods are justified if it means building a better world for her daughter. Yet when a serial killer starts targeting hellspawn like Jheraal and her child, Jheraal has no choice but to use all her cunning and ruthlessness in order to defeat an ancient enemy to whom even death is no deterrent.


The latest novel in the Pathfinder Tales series and whilst I’ve not always been a fan of the series this one really delivered for me with high octane action vying against authorly cunning as the titles principle player fights an ancient foe who has no fear of death.

In addition to this, Liane brings top notch prose some solid dialogue alongside a tale that keeps going from start to finish. All round a book I thoroughly enjoyed and one that has me looking forward to the next Pathfinder novel, especially if Liane is behind the helm.

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