Friday, 29 April 2016

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: The Stones of Winter - Oskar Jensen

Release Date:  07/04/16
Publisher:  Picadilly Press


A Viking tale of myth and magic. All is not well at the Viking court of Jelling. Home to the mysterious Yelling Stones (three witches turned into stone), it's always been a place of power and a haven for 'the old ways'. But troubling news has reached King Gorm's court - not that fourteen-year-old princess Astrid is concerned that. She's far more worried that her family prefers her inside sewing, or planning her marriage, rather than letting her explore the forest or ride her beautiful snow-white horse, Hestur. But Astrid is about to find herself at the heart of a battle that will change her life forever. Leif, an ambitious and talented young poet, arrives at King Gorm's court with unsettling news. Leif announces he has been sent visions from the witches of the Yelling Stones, saying a dangerous and powerful force is coming - one that will change the face of Denmark - and only Astrid and Leif can stop it. But with danger all around them, including trolls, witches and a terrifying creature called 'The Beast', can they tell who the real enemy is in time to stop them? Previously published as THE YELLING STONES.


As a younger reader I loved spending time in the past, wondering the byways and highways of ancient days, seeing the time period through the eyes of the characters as well as having my interest piqued enough to sit down and do research.

This title by Oskar promises much of the same and whilst I love spending time with the Viking like characters in other titles (such as the amazing Brotherband by John Flanagan) there is something about travelling back to that era and hanging out with the culture as they undergo changes from the old ways to the new that will bring the love of history to the younger reader.

The book is well written, the characters, people I want to spend time with and with a good sense of pace backed up with cracking dialogue makes this a series that your young bookaholic will devour with relish. Cracking.

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