Thursday, 12 January 2017

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: Baby Doll - Hollie Overton

Release Date: 12/01/17
Publisher: Arrow


She kept moving forward. She didn't stop. She didn't look back.

Lily has been abducted from outside her high-school gates.

For eight long years she's been locked away from the outside world. During that time she's changed from a girl into a woman. She's had a baby.

And now she has seized her chance and escaped.

Running for her life, with her daughter in her arms, she returns to her family and the life she used to know - to her much-loved twin sister Abby, her mum, her high-school boyfriend - and her freedom.

But is it possible to go back?

Impossible not to read in one sitting, Baby Doll is a taut psychological thriller that focuses on family entanglements and the evil that can hide behind a benign facade.


Stories create an emotional bond for the reader and to be honest this one is going to be tough for anyone who picks it up. Not because of the writing, its beautiful, but because of the subject matter that for me is based on the Josef Fritzl case, It's deeply harrowing, is emotionally draining and at the end of the day its content is disturbing as whilst we often claim that fiction is just that, when you can find real life parallels it makes it all the harder.

OK, so this book won't be for everyone and to be honest I'd have probably preferred not reading it due to how uncomfortable it made me feel as a voyeur within the scene. The principle character is believable, the dialogue solid and all round I have to say its a book that whilst I won't say that I'm pleased that I made it all the way through, was one that with its complexities and inner thoughts made this a real in-depth discovery into the mind of a prisoner. All round a book that you really should ask yourself questions about before embarking upon but if you do, be prepared for a number of nightmares as well as questions that this tale will end up leaving you asking yourself.

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