Wednesday, 11 January 2017

HISTORICAL FICTION REVIEW: Daughter of the Wolf - Victoria Whitworth

Release Date: 12/01/16
Publisher:  Head of Zeus


DAUGHTER OF THE WOLF is set during the Dark Ages in an England ruled by rival kings. Among the lords who serve them is Radmer of Donmouth, the King's Wolf, guardian of the estuary gateway to Northumbria.

When the king sends Radmer on a mission to Rome, Donmouth is left in the safekeeping of his only daughter, Elfrun, whose formidable grandmother wants her to take the veil, while treacherous Tilmon of Illingham covets her for his son.

This is the story of daughters in a man's world. Wynn, determined to take over from her father, the smith; Saethryth, wilful daughter of the village steward, whose longing for passion will set off a tragic sequence of events; and Auli, whose merchant venturer father plies his trade up and down the coast, spying for the Danes. Above all, it is the story of Elfrun of Donmouth, uncertain of her father's fate, no knowing whom she can trust, or whom she can love.


Historical Fiction is often a tricky thing to balance, you have to get just the right amount of details added within to help transport the readers back without giving them massive info dumps and you also have to make sure that the characters within are relatable so that the reader falls in love and cares about their fates.

Victoria manages to do both presenting a story that not only kept me interested but fascinated. I loved the supporting cast and how they helped bring the flavour of the past to life but for me the real gem of the piece was Elfrun. I loved the fact that even whilst she was priveledged certain things were expected as well as demanded of her, whilst she's trying to maintain her fathers interest. Its well written, the prose is solid and all round I was a more than happy reader. I will definitely be looking out for more of Victoria's work.

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