Saturday, 27 May 2017

HISTORICAL FICTION REVIEW: Crimson and Bone - Mariana Fiorato

Release Date: 18/05/17
Publisher: Hodder


'A rich jewel of a story, full of desire and danger' - Julie Cohen. A dark, gripping tale of love and obsession perfect for fans of The Crimson Petal and the White.

London, 1853. Annie Stride has nothing left to live for - she is a penniless prostitute, newly evicted from her home and pregnant. On the night she plans to cast herself from Waterloo Bridge into the icy waters of the Thames, her life is saved by Francis Maybrick Gill, a talented pre-Raphaelite painter - and her world is changed forever.

Francis takes Annie as his artist's muse, elevating her from fallen woman to society's darling. With her otherworldly beauty now the toast of London, her dark past is left far behind.

But Annie's lavish new life is not all it seems - and there are some who won't let her forget where she came from...


If you want a story that brings to the modern audience a truly wonderful Gothic adventure with some cracking romance then you have to pick up this title. The principle characters is one you want to spend time around with each chapter giving you the chance to get to know her better.

The writing is crisp, the prose delightful and with the way that the story is character driven all round makes this a real tale of love and loss felt by the reader. All round a magical tale that was a pure joy to spend time with.

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