Monday, 8 May 2017

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: The Collapsing Empire - John Scalzi

Release Date: 23/03/17
Publisher: Tor


In the far future, humanity has left Earth to create a glorious empire. Now this interstellar network of worlds faces disaster - but can three individuals save their people?

The empire''s outposts are utterly dependent on each other for resources, a safeguard against war, and a way its rulers can exert control. This relies on extra-dimensional pathways between the stars, connecting worlds. But 'The Flow' is changing course, which could plunge every colony into fatal isolation.

A scientist will risk his life to inform the empire's ruler. A scion of a Merchant House stumbles upon conspirators seeking power. And the new Empress of the Interdependency must battle lies, rebellion and treason. Yet as they work to save a civilization on the brink of collapse, others have very different plans . . .

The Collapsing Empire is an exciting space opera from John Scalzi.


John's always been an author that I've not only loved to spend time with but generates a tale that takes me not only on a journey through time and space but also through multiple characters as they learn to cope with the events around them.

They're incredibly well written, the top notch prose helps transport you and when you throw into the mix political machinations alongside death dealing consequences all round gives you a futuristic world where the wrong word or sentence can lead to a swift dead.

Finally throw into the mix characters that really help bring it all to life makes this another outing that gives readers pure sci-fi excellence. Cracking.

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