Tuesday, 19 April 2011

CRIME REVIEW: Blitz - Ken Bruen

Release Date: 15/11/10


The Cop Detective Sergeant Brant is tough and uncompromising, as sleazy and ruthless as the villains he's out to get. While his violent methods may be questionable, Brant always gets results. The Killer: a psychopath has started a killing spree across London. Calling himself 'The Blitz', his weapon of choice is a workman's hammer. And his victims are all cops. The Target: the police squad are desperate to catch the killer before he catches up with them. And Brant is top of his list...


Whilst I don’t know much about the forthcoming film of this title I always like to read the original novel prior to viewing purely as an exercise to see which elements are retained and which are simple either forgotten or substituted in order to aid in the movement of the story. It’s definitely going to be an interesting film as to be honest with you, there’s that many characters I don’t see it as having that much time if a few aren’t sliced out of the equation for being unnecessary.

What perhaps may well not appeal to readers is Ken’s writing style in this title. It’s pretty blunt and where possible almost monosyllabic throughout with a sparse style so much so that you may well end up wondering where more than half the book is. The characters do feel thought out and whilst perhaps not wholly real to the reader the prejudices are there for all to see, whether you’re dealing with a black female copper, a gay lead investigator or even the primitive, violence solves everything character of Brant which will suit Statham down to the ground.

All in its simplistic, the outline is pretty linear and it feels that some of the characters are thrown in either for a bit of variety for the author or just to pad the title out. It will do the job but if you want a more fluid style, complex plots or even more rounded characters this title may well not be the one for you.

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