Tuesday, 26 April 2011

THRILLER REVIEW: Nic Costa 9: The Fallen Angel - David Hewson

Release Date: 04/02/11


When the sins of the past echo the crimes of the present - Detective Nic Costa faces his hardest case yet

When British academic Malise Gabriel falls to his death from a Rome apartment, detective Nic Costa rapidly comes to realize that there is much more to the accident than he had first thought. It also becomes apparent that Malise’s family – mysterious and tragic daughter Mina, stoic wife Cecilia and troubled son Robert – may be keeping vital information hidden.

Nic becomes obsessed with the case, and is especially intrigued by Mina’s story which seems to be linked with the sixteenth century-legend of a young Italian noblewoman, Beatrice Cenci.

As the investigation deepens, Rome’s dark and seedy side is uncovered, revealing a web of deceit, treachery and corruption. Costa realizes that the key to the truth lies with the Gabriels. Why are they so unwilling to co-operate, and who, or what, is the reason for their silence?


As a fan of David’s writing, I always love the chance to embark on a new investigation with his characters. Here, in my opinion is one of David’s best titles to date as Nic Costa takes on a modern death with some ancient secrets. As usual its beautifully researched with an almost photographical descriptiveness that could soon make Rome a city to visit. Add to this a wonderfully creative plot outline, some great character interaction which when finished off with David’s own unique spin, makes this a title that is hard to put down. All in a most satisfactory read and one that may leave you checking the house before switching off your light.

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