Tuesday, 26 April 2011

NEWS: David Gemmell Legend Award Finalists Announced

Hail Mighty Readers,
Well you voted in your thousands and for those lucky enough to have attended Eastercon you'll already know who made it. For those of us with the Bank Holiday Blues here is how it played out in Alphabetical Order:

Legend Award - Best Fantasy Novel
BRETT, Peter V - The Desert Spear (Voyager)
HEITZ, Markus - War the Dwarves (Orbit UK/US)
JORDAN, Robert and SANDERSON, Brandon - Wheel of Time: Towers of Midnight (Orbit UK/Tor US)
PEVEL, Pierre - The Alchemist in the Shadows (Gollancz)
SANDERSON, Brandon - The Way of Kings (Gollancz/Tor US)
WEEKS, Brent - The Black Prism (Orbit UK/US)

Morningstar Award - Best Debut
CHARLTON, Blake - Spellwright (Tor US)
HINKS, Darius - Warrior Priest (The Black Library)
JEMISIN, N.K. - The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (Orbit UK/US)
PEHOV, Alexey - Shadow Prowler (Tor US)
VICTORIA, Mary - Tymon’s Flight (Harper Collins Australia)

Ravenheart Award - Best Fantasy Art Cover
EINARSDOTTIR, Olof Erla - Power & Majesty (Harper Collins Australia)
LOCKWOOD, Todd - The Ragged Man (Pyr)
NIELSEN, Cliff - The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (Orbit)
SULLIVAN, Jon - Shadow King (The Black Library)
VICTORIA, Frank - Tymon’s Flight (HarperCollins Australia)

Congratulations to all the shortlist and we wish you the best of luck. Voting opens Monday 2nd May 2011,


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